Why do mothers need to practice eyelid hygiene?

A mother’s role is not confined to providing healthy and delicious food. She is a manager, disciplinarian, psychologist (when she listens to everyone), and most of all, she is the best teacher anyone can have. We learn everything from our mothers –  basic hygiene such as brushing our teeth, how to eat and stay healthy, social etiquette, etc, etc, ….

Mothers not only stay inside the home, but step out to do the household shopping, to work, pick and drop their kids from school and their sports and music lessons and tuitions.

Eye problems faced by mothers

While stepping out, pollution may cause many eye problems. The dirt and debris that get inside their eyes may block eye glands and cause MGD or Meibomian Gland Disorder and subsequently blepharitis, red eyes, and dry eyes.

Working mothers may have to spend hours in front of a computer. Working mothers as well as house wives may work on the computer for a long time for supervising their kids’ homework or school projects. And then, for a little downtime, they may like to check Facebook and Whatsapp on their phones, or watch their favorite Netflix shows on a computer, a phone, or a tablet. Such a long exposure to screens and blue light might cause Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Dry Eye Syndrome (DES).

And last but not the least, a mother likes to look good and put on eye make up (among other make up), which may harm her eyes if not cleaned well.

The role of eyelid hygiene

Practicing eyelid hygiene can be an effective way for a mother to stay safe from the above lifestyle and environment related eye problems.

Eyelid hygiene practice is comparatively new in India, but it is an aspect of basic hygiene that should not be ignored, especially if you are a mother. As you know well, if a mother is ill in any way, the whole family’s life is disrupted. Children too become distressed emotionally as they are closest to their mothers.

So eyelid/eye hygiene is really important for all mothers, who are the backbone of a family.

How should you practice eye hygiene?

It’s easy to practice eyelid or eye hygiene. However, if you’re thinking you’re doing it already by washing your eyes with water every day, it’s not enough.

You have to clean your eyelids thoroughly where the dust/debris accumulate. There are many mites known as Demodex mites, which reside on the eyelids of almost all humans. These mites can also travel across your face , sometimes causing rosacea, and you can never see them, as they are microscopic. Demodex mites can cause eye infection which can be very painful and might need medication.

To keep yourself safe from Demodex mites, allergens, debris, make-up residue, Dry Eye Syndrome, and Computer Vision Syndrome, you should use eyelid wipes and eyelid cleansers.

Eyelid wipes, such as Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes that are pre-moistened with TTO (Tea Tree Oil) and do not have any toxic chemicals, can be used. They have effective refreshing agents, which keep your eyes moistened. Swipe the eyelid wipe from side to side, and clean the eyelid, eyelashes, eyebrows, and face. Yes, these wipes can be used for the face too!

Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes and Oculeaf soft Eyelid Cleanser (Shampoo) can be used twice in a day, unless you’re advised to clean your eyes/eyelids more than twice by a doctor.

Practice eyelid hygiene for you and your family’s benefit

So, mothers, why not start practicing eyelid hygiene from today? With all the pollution in the environment (chemicals and particulate matter floating around), you have to protect yourself. Establishing a regular eye/eyelid cleaning routine will keep your eyes healthy and happy, and help in inculcating this healthy habit in your entire family.

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