Daily Eyelid Hygiene is essential for keeping good health
of your eyes and maintaining  your strong Vision.   
Review our most effective natural Eye Hygiene products for
everyday cleaning of eyelids and eye contour area.


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Clean and sparkling eyes speak for themselves

Eyecare in India is primarily focused on treating eye disorders, yet many eye diseases are preventable. A change is needed in the eye care approach towards complete eye health management starting with better eye care awareness, preventive measures, as well as improved eye hygiene and eye nutrition habits. There is a need to develop new habit of daily eyelid hygiene care. This habit can improve your eye health and bring longevity to good vision. 

Waypham wants to help people to make a conscious decision to take care of their eyes – by making them aware of preventive measures and eye hygiene best practices, and by introducing safe and effective products for eyes, eyelid hygiene, ocular lubrication, and ocular nutrition. Together these products act as a complete solution to prevent or minimize many eye disorders such as blepharitis, MGD, and dry eye, and bring better vision to the nation. With Waypham you can See Happy!


Regular and complete daily hygiene of the eyes is important. This applies to both patients who receive treatment and healthy people. Air pollution, unclean water, unhygienic hands, and the act of rubbing eyes are all potential sources of infections and allergies which can cause eye disorders, and sometimes even lead to serious diseases. There needs to be better awareness to keep eyes clean and develop daily eye hygiene habits to help keep eyes free from contamination.

Do you clean your teeth every day? Most people will reply yes as this is a good habit developed in society. Brushing has given us healthy teeth contributing to better oral health. 

Can the same be said for our eyes? Maybe not. 

We live in a world that is increasingly getting more polluted with dust particles, smoke particles, viruses, and bacteria that stick to the outer surfaces of our eyes. Add to this the increasing use of devices such as computers, laptops, and smartphones that put a strain on our eyes. For women also add eye makeup, which is not easy to remove and which leaves residues in the eyes. If we start seeing this, we may realize how our eyes, which are perhaps one of our most valuable organs, have increasingly come under great distress. Should we consider dealing with this change proactively? We think yes.

By cleaning eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows, and the external structure of the eye one can keep eyes clean and healthy. One can also avoid many symptoms such as itching, burning sensation, and an urge to rub one’s eyes, which can lead to other disorders such as blepharitis and dry eyes. So, one must clean eyelids daily as one cleans teeth in the morning.

Makeup has become part of everyday life. Did you know that many chemicals used in makeup materials can reach one’s eyes and damage them? These materials must be cleaned every day so that eyelids and eyelashes remain clean without any residue of chemicals, debris, and deposits. This should be part of a daily routine and hygiene process.

Eye hygiene is even more important for young children, whose natural systems of self-defense have not been fully developed yet. Healthcare professionals recommend removing conjunctival mucous secretion which is present on eyelids and eyelashes upon waking up in the morning and can cause irritation in the delicate skin of children.