Eye Nutrition

Vitawoods Lutein Gummies – the complete eye nutrition for children

Your child needs complete nutrition and you try to fulfil all the nutrition requirements with the right food and supplements. As a mother, you know that proper nutrition leads to physical growth of your child, including brain development. There is one more area of nutrition which is often overlooked and that is eye or ocular nutrition.

Specially now, you must be worried because children are spending so many hours in front of some or the other screen. Older children might even spend more than 9 hours on their screens, due to online schooling, watching tv, reading/researching online, chatting with friends, and playing video games.

Even younger children have to attend school online for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours and then complete their assignments, read and play video games etc.

The over exposure to the blue light from various screens has led to more eye problems such as poor vision, low vision, blurry vision, redness in the eyes and eye strain. Some children complain that they cannot see things which are at a distance. Like most other parents, you may have noticed your child peering at screens, blinking, having red eyes and complaining of blurred vision.

All these eye problems are becoming more and more common in children and elders as we spend more time indoors and have to depend on screens for work and entertainment.

 Move on from good old carrots

Traditionally, we have been fed carrots to benefit the eyes, by our mothers, and you must have been supplementing the diet of your child with carrots too. But now it is time to move much advance and time-tested supplements like Vitawoods Lutein Gummy’s, as these will help to improve the vision and eye health of your child.

 What is Vitawoods Gummies?

The simplest way to describe Vitawoods Lutein Gummies is that it is the yummiest supplement for improving vision and health of eyes. Children will love it as it has a perfect mango candy like taste, instead of the medicinal taste of other supplements. Only two a day is sufficient to keep their eyes healthy and safe from the eye stress.

People of all ages can enjoy Vitawoods Lutein Gummies as it has a delightful mango flavor. Children, tweens, teens, young adults and the elderly can just pop a gummy and ensure that the nutrients that are required for ocular health, to avoid myopia, short sightedness, and so on are easily delivered to the body. In fact, it is a complete supplement for the whole family.

Vitawoods is packed with lutein and zeaxanthin, as well as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc, all the scientifically proven ingredients for better eyesight.

 What are Lutein and zeaxanthin?

Lutein is a carotenoid which cannot be synthesized by the human body, but it is incredibly important for maintaining healthy vision. It can be synthesized or made by plants and vegetables such as spinach and marigold flower. Zeaxanthin is also a carotenoid which is found in green vegetables, and gives colors to them.

Many studies have discovered that lutein and zeaxanthin are crucial for ocular(Eye) health as they increase the thickness of the macular pigment, technically understood as MPOD.

 Role of vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc in eye health

Along with the two components mentioned above, Vitawoods Gummies also has the goodness of Vitamin C and E and Zinc. So why are these vitamins good for the eyes? Well, vitamin C supports the health of blood vessels in the eyes, vitamin E protects from the eye damage caused by free radicals and actually improves the immunity of the body. In the days of the Coronavirus pandemic, immunity is much needed, to stay healthy.

Zinc is essential for the eyes, and is concentrated in the choroid and retina of the eyes. Deficiency of Zinc causes poor night vision and damages vision in other ways. Your children must have the required amount of zinc through diet every day, for eye health.

 Why Vitawoods Gummies for children?

It is quite difficult to achieve the required dosage through diet, as children are quite finicky about eating their veggies! Every mother experiences the frustration of getting their kids to eat their fruits and vegetables, but now, with the Gummies, it makes the job of getting the correct amount of nutrients into their system, extremely easy.

To protect the vision of your child, you now have a tasty and delicious option – Vitawoods Gummies. Try this out and allow yourself some peace of mind that even though your child is spending many hours in front of the screen, still their eyesight will not be affected to a great extent by problems like blurred vision, myopia etc. It’s good for the whole family too, so what can be better than to protect everyone than with some wonderful candy!

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