10 hidden reasons why your eyes have excessive watering most of the time

Anything to do with the eyes is a little baffling, as we know very little about our valuable asset. We take our eyes for granted, and in India especially, we do not practice proper eye hygiene. This leads to many eye problems, including your eyes leaking tons of water all the time, or eyes water suddenly sometimes, at intervals. What are the main reasons for your eyes watering when you least expect it?

First, how are tears produced?

The eyes produce ‘basal’ tears, a fluid which keeps the eyes moisturized. This lets you see clearly, without any discomfort, according to NEI (National Eye Institute). A mixture of water, mucus, fatty oils and more than 1,500 proteins (bet you didn’t know that!). When we blink, the basal tears spread over our cornea. Blinking regularly throughout the day keeps your eyes healthy and moistened.

If everything’s all right with the eyes, then the extra tear fluid is drained out through the tear ducts called ‘puncta’, located at the inner corners of the eyelids, near the nose.

Ophthalmologists have two terms to describe excessive tearing – ‘insufficient drainage’ and ‘overproduction of tears’.

Now, why do your eyes water all the time?

Reason -1: Dry environment

When you’re in a dry environment, you can feel your cheeks going dry. At the same time, your eyes become dry too. That’s when the lacrimal glands release and produce more tears in a phenomenon called ‘reflex tearing’. You might have noticed the discomfort and watery eyes you experience when you’re in an air-conditioned environment, or when you’re out in strong winds outside.


If your eyes are watering due to the dry environment, then you should think about a few changes to your lifestyle. For example, buy a humidifier, avoid direct air flowing in your eyes from fans, avoiding air conditioners or keeping the temperature at a little below room temperature, so that it’s cool but not freezing.

Also, you can use eyelid wipes like Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes daily so that your eyes’ moisture level is balanced, keeps your eyelids clean and refreshing.

Reason – 2: You’ve been staring at your computer screen for hours

Whether for work or pleasure, staring at the laptop, iPad, Desktop screen, and forgetting to blink, can dry the eyes too, causing reflex tearing. Your colleagues might be surprised at you seemingly crying your heart out in front of the screen when you’re at work!


Blink more when you’re working at your lappie. And follow the 20-20-20 rule religiously – the rule is to look 20 ft away, for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes. It gives your eyes rest and the opportunity to blink. Your comp screen should not be above your eye level, as this will cause more strain on your eyes.

Reason – 3: Binging on your favorite shows

The Dry Eye Disease Activity Log Study, conducted by Jayant V Iyer, Sze-Yee Lee and Louis Tong, found that while watching TV for a long time, people experienced episodic blur vision, which was caused by eyes drying up. When you’re engrossed in watching TV, you get totally engrossed in the story and forget to blink.  Not blinking is the root cause of eyes tearing and blurring in the middle of your binge-watching.


The study found that when the eyes were lubricated then the symptoms of discomfort were reduced. You can use artificial tears to lubricate them or clean the eyes with Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes to get desired relief and freshness in a harmless way.

Reason – 4: Your Meibomian glands are blocked

If something is obstructing the Meibomian glands, then they cannot release the oil, which might cause unstable tear film and eyes watering. But this is also a condition which is accompanied by eyelid inflammation, known as blepharitis, or skin disorders like rosacea.


You need to consult your doctor about this. Practicing eyelid hygiene by cleaning your eyelids & eye contour every day with Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes will clear blockages, reduce inflammation and rosacea.

Reason – 5: Contact lenses

Watery eyes can be caused by your contact lenses, as they dry the tear film. If your eyes water consistently when you’re wearing the lenses, then it might mean that they’re not a good fit. Or that you’re wearing them for a long time.


Recheck the lenses’ fit and keep your eyes lubricated and moist. Keep your eyelids & eyelashes clean.

Reason – 6: Eyeliner gets in your eyes

Sometimes, if you apply eyeliner right on the lid, it can cause watering. This is because the eye is irritated, and tries to flush the liner out of the eyes.


Consider your eyelashes as the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ for eyeliner application. Stay on the lashes as much as possible while applying your liner. Remove your makeup before sleeping both Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser and Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes are very effective in removing your make up softly.

Reason -7: Your eyes are having an allergic reaction

The body releases a chemical called histamine which might cause your eyes to well up and start watering. Sometimes, you could be suffering from a subtle allergy, which is not pronounced, but it causes severe watering of the eyes.


You should see a doctor if this is happening randomly.

Reason -8: You suffer from dry eye

It seems contradictory, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Reflex tearing happens to people who suffer from chronic dry eyes. This is because along with burning, stinging, mucus, light sensitivity, blurred vision, exhausted eyes, the eyes might water excessively too.


You should never neglect persistent dry eye symptoms, and just HAVE to consult an ophthalmologist. There could be an underlying cause for which you have to have a proper treatment plan. Eyelid Hygiene will help reduce symptoms of dry eyes.

Reason – 9: Sleep apnea

More research on this condition has shown that sleep apnea is associated to a host of diseases, including heart conditions, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, high blood pressure as well as ‘floppy eyelid syndrome’. In this, your upper eyelid stays open when you sleep, leading to dryness.


Visit your doctor, as he will advise you the proper treatment.

Reason – 10: Excessive uses of two-wheelers driving

Often people use long hours driving two-wheelers suffers from excessive tearing. It is because of continuous air pressure on eyes destabilize tear film.


You should avoid long traveling on two-wheelers or if it is unavoidable travel with break journey. Keep your eyes moist & clean.

If you’re embarrassed by your eyes watering in the middle of a board meeting, it’s time you made a few lifestyle changes, including practicing regular eye hygiene. When the tearing or watering becomes unbearable and does not improve with any changes you have made to your life, then you should see the doctor immediately. Daily Eye & Eyelids Hygiene is the most important part like brushing your teeth. This will help to keep your eyes healthy.

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