Where Can I Buy Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes And Cleanser?

You can conveniently buy Oculeaf Eyelid wipes and Cleanser from your preferred pharmacy, doctors’ pharmacy or through optical products outlets, if the products have been launched in your area. Alternatively, you can also purchase Waypham products from our website, and it also available in other leading e-commerce websites like 1mg, Netmed, Amazon, Flipkart, and Pharmacy. We have special introductory offers and other discounts available on the website.

How Long Will It Take To Process My Order?

We ensure that all orders will be dispatched through quick and reliable courier services within 24 hours of receiving the order. Exceptions are public holidays and non-business days. Delivery time may vary based on distance from our dispatch locations.

Are Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes And Cleanser Available On Other Leading E-Commerce Websites?

Yes, Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes and Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser will be available soon on, Flipkart, MChemists and few other e-commerce websites.

Are There Any Introductory Offers, Special Discounts Or Schemes Available?

From time to time, we will announce special schemes and discounts. You can refer to our website for more information.

Can I Subscribe To Waypham Products And Get Discounts?

Yes, you can now subscribe to Waypham products and avail of a special discount, please refer to

Are These Products Available In Local Medical Stores?

Yes. Waypham products are available at many leading pharmacies, ophthalmic hospital pharmacies, and optical counters. Please ask your local pharmacies for the products.

Are The Prices Inclusive of Taxes?

The products are inclusive of taxes

Are Oculeaf Wipes And Cleanser Are Approved By Indian Regulatory Agencies?

Oculeaf brand of products are registered with CDSCO, Director General of Health services India as cosmetic products and meet the highest standards of quality.

Do Oculeaf Products Need A Doctor’s Prescriptions?

A doctor’s prescription may not be necessary to purchase these products.

Is Oculeaf Available Outside India?

Unfortunately, Oculeaf products are currently not available outside India. However, Waypham has plans to expand internationally in the near future. For your bulk needs, please contact us through


What Are The Key Ingredients Of Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes?

Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes are formulated with Melaleuca Alternifolia leaf oil which is commonly known as Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is the most effective in killing harmful Demodex and bacteria. Beside Tea Tree Oil, Oculeaf contains very important ingredients to support eyelids, lashes & eye contour such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, Glycerin, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil (Buckthorn oil), Hypericum Perforatum Oil and few other ingredients – together these make Oculeaf a high-quality product for Eyelid Hygiene and cleansing.

How Are Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes Better Than Other Available Products?

Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes are specially developed for cleansing Eyelids and the soft skin around eyes safely & effectively. Oculeaf leaves eyelids moistened and refreshed unlike other such products which dry up the skin.

Why Is Proper Eye Hygiene Important To Individual?

Regular and complete daily hygiene of eyes is very important. This is required in both, patients receiving treatments and in healthy people. Air pollutants, dust, unclean water, and unhygienic hands are potential sources of infection that can cause many eye disorders, some of which can be sight threatening.

How Will Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes Help In Blepharitis, MGD, And Dry Eye Conditions?

Proper eyelid cleansing can help in removing debridement from eyelids, killing pathogenic bacteria, and Demodex mites – ensuring eye hygiene and better health of eyes.

I Have Healthy Eyes, What Will Be The Advantage Of Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes If I Start To Use They Daily?

One needs to create a habit of cleaning eyelids daily just like brushing one’s teeth. With increasing average longevity, excess use of digital devices such as laptop, mobile phones, and various screens, our eyes are working longer and harder than ever. Imagine having a life without healthy eyes – it’s difficult as eyes are the most precious sense. And thus, one needs to take better care of eyes.

Is Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes Safe For Use?

Yes. Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes are safe. They should be used for external cleansing of eyelids, eyelashes and soft skin around eyes & face.

What Precaution / Caution Should I Take When Using Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes?

Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes single-use sachet is for external use only. Keep it out of reach of children. Don’t use if you are allergic to any ingredient. If your eye condition persists consult to a doctor. Use separate wipes for each eye.

How Should I Store My Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes?

Store in room temperature below 30-degree centigrade and away from sunlight.


What Are The Key Ingredients Of Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser?

Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser is formulated with Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (Tea Tree Oil), Aloe Barbadensis Flower Extract, Panthenol, Tocopherol, Triticum Vulgare Sprout Extract, Bisabolol, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract and few other ingredients.

How Is Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser Better Than Other Available Products?

Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser is the best product of its kind. Oculeaf is a natural, non-irritating, non-foaming eye shampoo that effectively cleans eyelids and lashes, and eye contour areas. It helps in keeping clean, sparkling and healthy eyes.

What Is The Difference Between Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes And Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser?

Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser is for daily cleaning of eyes, think of it as a washing solution for healthy eye hygiene practice. You are required to rinse with clean water after using. Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes can be used at any time of the day and don’t require rinsing after use.

Should I Use Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes Along With Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser?

Yes. You should use both products together for best results. First, cleaning with Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser and then wiping eyelids and eyelashes with Oculeaf Eyelid Wipes.

What Is The Role Of Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser In Daily Eyelid Hygiene And Cleaning?

Advanced technology product for daily Eyelid Hygiene with Natural Tea Tree Oil formulated along with Aloe Barbadensis Flower Extract, Panthenol, Tocopherol (Vit E) for eyelid & face hygiene. Oculelaf cleanses eyelids, eyelashes, and eyebrows, removes debris effectively from eyelids, and removes makeup. It refreshes the soft skin around the eyes and leaves a soothing effect.

Is Oculeaf Soft Eyelid Cleanser Safe For Use?

These are natural products and safe for use.


What Is Eyeway Tears Eye Drops?

Eyeway Tears contains Carboxymethyl Cellulose commonly known as CMC, which is the most effective and safe lubricant for eyes. As artificial tears, CMC has good mucoadhesive properties and gives instant comfort to eyes from dry eye symptoms.

What Are The Preservatives Used In Eyeway Tears And Are They Safe Compared To BAK - The Normal Preservative Used In Most Eye Drops?

Eyeway Tears does not contain a harmful preservative, such as BAK contained in most eye drops. Eyeway Tears contains SOC as a preservative which is relatively safer for eyes and which on installation converts to water and other useful electrolytes.

Why Do You Use A Green Bottle For Eyeway Tears?

Green bottle helps in the stability of SOC as even ambient light can disintegrate the SOC. White bottles are not recommended.

How Is Eyeway Tears Helpful In Dry Eye Conditions?

CMC in Eyeway Tears offers strong Mucoadhesive properties which sticks to eye surface and provides lubrication. Eyeway Tears moisten the eyes, keeping eyes feeling fresh and alleviated from dry eye symptoms.

I Suffer From Itchy, Scratchy, Tired Eyes. Sometimes I Also Have Excessive Tears. Can Eyeway Tears Help?

Yes. Eyeway Tears are extremely helpful. CMC as a lubricant helps in washing away pollutants from eye surface and removes harmful materials as well as wets eyes to give instant comfort from dry, and scratchy eyes.

What Is CVS - Computer Vision Syndrome And How Will Eyeway Tears Be Useful?

CVS – Computer Vision Syndrome is commonly referred to as an eye disorder caused by excessive use of computers, laptop, smartphones, and other screens. These devices interfere with normal blinking of eyes and reduce normal tears secretion, resulting in heaviness and redness of eyes. Lubricating eye drops such as Eyeway Tears is directly helpful in improving lubrication in eyes and relieving from these symptoms.

How Do Contact Lens Affect My Eyes And How Can Eyeway Tears Be Helpful?

Contact lens is hydrophilic in nature, and they absorb water leaving eyes dry. Lubricating eye drops such as Eyeway tears alleviate the dryness caused by contact lens usage.

Do I Need A Doctor’s Prescription To Buy Eyeway Tears?

Eyeway Tears can be bought at any pharmacy or from an e-commerce website without a prescription.